At Cardinal Park and Marina, we are happy to share our business philosophy with you!

We are the new owners, and 2013 is the year Cardinal Park and Marina opened to offer you great fun and priceless memories for the whole family.

Our mission as campground owners is to make things as relaxing as possible for our campers and to provide a clean, well kept, friendly environment, that will make you want to tell all your friends, that Cardinal Park and Marina is the place to be!

We direct our business with values, that's why we will always be upfront and honest with you. If we say we are going to add something to our campground, then that is what you can count on us to do.

We will strive to meet and exceed expectations by taking our campers ideas and opinions into consideration when having activities during the year, and when adding new amenities to the park.

We want our campers to be happy!

Sincerely, Cory and Lyane.

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